Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Friends

On Monday I found fat bald happy Stalin on my coffee cup: 

Uncle Joe is now friends with Arthur the waterbear:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Further Adventures In Winter

It's the time of year when the snow has melted enough so that you can see which houses don't pick up after their dog. Gross. 

At the beginning of last week it was cold after a warm weekend so everything was covered in black ice and I almost slipped a hundred times on the way to school; so of course where I actually fell was INSIDE the student center. I have an enormous bruise on my knee, which I would post a picture of, but I think pictures of body parts (especially those with February Day-Glo White skin) are super gross.

Weird areas of my body that by February have super dry skin:
   the front of my neck
   the part of my brow ridge just under my eyebrows and above my eyelids   the tops of my thighs

I would estimate the number of different moisturizing products I use daily at ~8-10. Still not enough.