Friday, October 5, 2012

Notes and Observations: Charlotte Trip

Exhaustive List Of Fun Things To Do In Airports

1. People watch
2. Buy magazines
3. Drink

That is all.

Leaf blowers: stupidest thing ever? Discuss.

Strangely surreal to be driving the same car I drove in high school. Except back then, the shift knob didn't come off every time you shifted into second. That's disconcerting. Also, how is the clutch STILL this stiff? The car is ancient.

Today was the first time I've driven since May and probably the fifth time or so I've driven in the past year. It was a bit weird. But after some initial hesitation, it only took a couple hours before I was driving without hands while putting bobby pins in my hair. Like ridin' a bike.

If we all had weekly massages, we would all be much happier. True or false?