Sunday, December 11, 2011

Foosball: Sport of Kings

A typical night at the Cove:

8:45 We arrive and are not carded because the barman recognizes us.
8:46 We order a pitcher of Green Line.
8:47 Competitive banana-grams.
9:30  Foosball. Discussion re: foosball as sport of kings. Attempt to determine factors correlated with foosball success by playing every permutation of team/side of table/postition. Conclusion: Colin helps you win, however, increasing drunkenness of participants through time is a variable we have not corrected for.
10:00 Darts. Sucking in proportion to the number of years that we have spent throwing darts in the Cove, ie, third years suck the least.

Tim: "Oh, I just figured out how to throw these." (throws two bullseyes)
Everyone else: "Great, another game it's not fun to play with Tim."

11:00 More foosball, distracted by frat boys singing along in unison to the jukebox.
11:30 Jon offers various people five dollars to tackle the creepy animatronic Santa because "I don't want to touch it."
12:00 We order pizza to be delivered to the bar.
12:30 Jon orders a pitcher of Miller and tastes it.

Jon: "This is terrible."
Everyone else: "Yep."
Jon: "I didn't think it would be this terrible."
Everyone else: "Yep."
Jon: "Tim, drink this."

12:40 Discussion of Cove as appropriate location for a date.
12:45 More foosball until we run out of quarters.
1:15 Walk one block home.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Ugh, can't believe how long it's been. Being a person is a full time job, even before you factor in an actual job. My house is dirty, I haven't finished writing my Christmas cards, I haven't updated my blog...what have I even been doing with myself??? Actually, I know the answer: stalking the flies that have invaded my apartment. It's practically Biblical in there. Very gross. Oh, and I did do all my Christmas that's something.

In the spirit of the season, here is a picture of my mantlepiece decorated for Christmas:

And here is a picture of the festive lions outside the Art Institute. Chicago does a great job of decorating its public spaces for Christmas, I wish I had more pictures of the trees on Michigan and State, etc.