Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Of Those Days I'm Glad Just To Be A Regular Person

So as all sentient beings on the planet are doubtless aware, today is the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. I will not be doing anything in particular to commemorate them. In fact I am deliberately staying away from the thousand and one specials and movies and whatever because I still find those images disturbing and I don't feel a need to relive that day. It is just too sad and too scary. Since I am a regular person, I have a perfect right to do this and I likely won't bother anyone. However, if I were the president (or a governer, or a mayor, or a senator, or anyone in public life really) and a reporter asked me "Sir, what are you planning for the September 11th anniversary" and I said "Well, I was thinking about watching the NCIS marathon and maybe having a sandwich", this would be considered highly disrespectful. If I then elaborated "You see, it's early episodes when Kate was still on the show and also I was going to make some fresh bread and use some of this delicious horseradish sauce I found in my refrigerator" I imagine the response would be to stare at me in stunned disbelief. Moral of the story: being president is a thankless job, and I'm really glad someone else has to do it. Now, I am off to buy some roast beef to put my horseradish sauce on.